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Favorite People The Deinfluencer, Revant Himatsingka


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Image The Daft Punk performing without their helmet in a club in France, 1996.


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Conservatives who are for the banning of contraceptives like IUDs and birth control and condoms, why?


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Misleading Reddit Files to Go Public, Reveals That It Paid CEO $193 Million Last Year


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Just Smile and Nod Y'all. The public needs to know the ugly truth. Students are SIGNIFICANTLY behind.


There was a teacher who went viral on TikTok when he stated that his 12-13 year old students do not know their shapes. It's horrifying but it does not surprise me.

I teach high school. Age range 15-18 years old. I have seen students who can't do the following:

  • Read at grade level. Some come into my classroom at a 3rd/4th grade reading level. There are some students who cannot sound out words.
  • Write a complete sentence. They don't capitalize the first letter of the sentence or the I's. They also don't add punctuation. I have seen a student write one whole page essay without a period.
  • Spell simple words.
  • Add or subtract double-digits. For example, they can't solve 27-13 in their head. They also cannot do it on paper. They need a calculator.
  • Know their multiplication tables.
  • Round
  • Graph
  • Understand the concept of negative.
  • Understand percentages.
  • Solve one-step variable equations. For example, if I tell them "2x = 8. Solve for x," they can't solve it. They would subtract by 2 on both sides instead of dividing by 2.
  • Take notes.
  • Follow an example. They have a hard time transferring the patterns that they see in an example to a new problem.
  • No research skills. The phrases they use to google are too vague when they search for information. For example, if I ask them to research the 5 types of chemical reactions, they only type in "reactions" in Google. When I explain that Google cannot read minds and they have to be very specific with their wording, they just stare at me confused. But even if their search phrases are good, they do not click on the links. They just read the excerpt Google provided them. If the answer is not in the excerpts, they give up.
  • Just because they know how to use their phones does not mean they know how to use a computer. They are not familiar with common keyboard shortcuts. They also cannot type properly. Some students type using their index fingers.

These are just some things I can name at the top of my head. I'm sure there are a few that I missed here.

Now, as a teacher, I try my best to fill in the gaps. But I want the general public to understand that when the gap list is this big, it is nearly impossible to teach my curriculum efficiently. This is part of the reason why teachers are quitting in droves. You ask teachers to do the impossible and then vilify them for not achieving it. You cannot expect us to teach our curriculum efficiently when students are grade levels behind. Without a good foundation, students cannot learn more complex concepts. I thought this was common sense, but I guess it is not (based on admin's expectations and school policies).

I want to add that there are high-performing students out there. However, from my experience, the gap between the "gifted/honors" population and the "general" population has widened significantly. Either you have students that perform exceptionally well or you have students coming into class grade levels behind. There are rarely students who are in between.

Are other teachers in the same boat?

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Cringe Fox News surpasses itself


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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Were they EVER hiding it?


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The pump was sucking up sand all night


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TIL when Jack Benny died in 1974, his will arranged for a single long-stemmed red rose to be delivered to his widow, Mary Livingstone, every day for the rest of her life. She lived eight and a half more years, passing away in 1983.


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Boomer Freakout Boomer throws his entire life and career away because an 8 year old broke an instrument in his class.


I work at an elementary school. I wasn't there but as with all things news spreads fast. This just happened a week or so ago. Apparently a student was throwing a tantrum in class. The kid threw a ukulele on the ground and when the teacher told him he "better pick it up or else" the kid said "or else what?" and stomped his foot right through it. Now obviously this is not acceptable behavior and grounds for some kind of serious punishment, however instead of calling the administrators, school resource officer, or any other type of backup to help resolve the situation, this boomer ass teacher just cocked back and full on punches this 8 year old child in the face! The other students freak out and run out of the class, the kid is on the ground blood coming from his nose, the teacher still standing over him when the SRO arrives is yelling at the student NOT SO TOUGH NOW ARE YOU!

So the parents are informed, the father arrives very soon after and is livid. He's looking for this teacher and is ready to settle it himself. He luckily never does, but is dead set on pressing charges. So the teacher was arrested at home later that evening.

This guy should've been forced to retire a while ago. He is nasty to students, he gets angry with the autistic kids for not responding to him when he'd yell good morning at them. I remember sitting in and hearing him just spout some unhinged shit about tiktok and china and the conspiracy to make all the kids dumb with that app. Just crazy shit.

But he refused to take his retirement last year and wanted to come back. Now he's thrown it all away and ruined his life as a 60+ year old man who is now facing multiple violent charges, fired from his job, and will likely have his pension taken as part of the settlement with the family.

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Comments were filled with saying that denying your husband sex was abuse


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Russia/Ukraine 'Russia has never hurt us': India says Europe's view of Moscow can't be same as India's


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People who speed on the highway: what is your life like?


i'm not talking about going 70 in a 65 mph zone, i'm talking about going 90+ and weaving between cars. i honestly don't know where to begin making sense of that. it seems so senselessly dangerous to me. if you do this, what do you get out of it? is it something you do with friends? what is your life like?

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AITA AITAH for divorcing my wife because our sex life will never be what it used to be ?


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This man participated in a competition where contestants had to tell a funny story "only by actions" and without speaking. So he demonstrated this story. Btw he won...


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I caught my brother touching his daughter inappropriately.


I was spending a week with my brother & his family for his wife’s birthday. But I noticed something disturbing.

One night me and my sister in law, were watching a movie in the living room. My SIL asked if I could get my brother to watch the movie with us.

So I went upstairs. I didn’t see my brother in his bedroom but I heard giggling in his daughter's bedroom. So I went to see if he was in there with her.

When I opened the door he had her on his lap touching her and she had no underwear on. When he saw me he jumped as if I wasn’t supposed to see what was going on. I was in shock. I told my SIL what happened. I told her I felt sick and that I had to leave.

So I called the police. They came to my house and told me they’d go to my brother's house. I felt disgusted so I blasted him on social media so the whole family could know what kind of sick monster he is.

Now my family and SIL are shunning ME for posting what he did on social media for our family to see. My family is saying I shouldn’t have posted it because we need to keep that “private”. But I feel that he more than DESERVES to be exposed for what he did.

And now they’re siding with my brother & SIL saying that I’m overreacting about my brother simply “CLEANING” his daughter. And I know for a FACT that is NOT what I saw. They’re saying I just want to break up my brother & SIL. Which is absurd.

I’m doing what an aunt is supposed to do. Am I really the asshole or wrong here???

Edit: My niece is not a toddler. She is a 1st grader. There are no diapers involved. I know what I saw.

Edit 2: I massively overstepped and I see what a lot of you are saying now. The Facebook posts were deleted and I’m going to let the police handle this for my niece like I should have from the very beginning. Please stop dming me with death threats. I can see how I deserve to be called names here but the death threats are very hurtful.

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Judge denies Trump's request to delay enforcement of $355M fraud case penalties

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Based on a True Story Title


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Trump unable to name a single verse from his "favorite book" the bible


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Ah yes, some great financial advice !


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Discussion So how many people actually use this?


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Today, after 841 days of treatments, my son rang the bell. He is now 100% cancer free!!


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Pros and cons [OC]


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EVERYTHING IS WOKE Twitter discourse about this game is so stupid


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Fox News host says Trump’s $399 gold sneakers will make Black people support him because ‘they love sneakers’

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